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Since 1966, the "District" has been a source of regional action involving business loan assistance and the construction of our industrial infrastructure through grants received from the Economic Development Administration.  In recent years, MVEDD has partnered with its member counties and their local governments when asked for assistance in finding grants and minimizing the tax burden on our private sector businesses.


On behalf of our MVEDD membership, we urge you to become a member of our non-profit, public benefit corporation.


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New York Empire State Development has approved the formation of the newest land bank:




The GMVLB's mission is to strengthen communities across the

Mohawk Valley Region by helping to return neglected and abandoned buildings to productive use. 


This will now create the need for three (3) new immediate positions.

Click on Employment to see the actual Job Postings for more information.



Keep Mohawk Valley Beautiful (KMVB) is an affiliate in good standing of Keep America Beautiful (KAB), the largest volunteer organization in the Untied States.




As a standing committee of the Mohawk Valley Economic Development District (MVEDD), KMVB will support economic development efforts to support sustainability in order to build communities with a more robust economy an vibrant community life.  KMVB will partner with local, state and national organizations to further its goals.


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